It’s no stretch to say, anyone who has visited Portland has imagined what it would be like to actually live here. Living in Portland has the obvious advantages of any urban area, and then there is the vibe that’s exclusive only to this town.

Portland is the definition of a New England port city, but with the arts, the cultural diversity, and let’s not forget, more cool restaurants and cozy pubs than one could count. For people looking for a home in Portland, #7 Cushman street is just that, a home.  

Jodie and Mark found out how welcoming their new neighborhood was on the very first morning there. They woke up to find their neighbor’s two toddlers delivering a fresh batch of scones. They discovered quickly their home was considered “The place to be” by all their friends. They hosted many gatherings where they would play and make music. On the rare occasions they didn’t have company, Mark and Jodie enjoyed their home together.

Jodie always loved the living room’s curved wall and Mark’s favorite place was the entry hall. This home was built in the true spirit of a Victorian cape, with the high ceilings and original wide board floors. 

Now, use your imagination again… It’s you, you’re living in Portland, the west end.

We know. Let’s stop the make-believe. Like Jodie and Mark have said many times before, tell us what time you’ll be over, we’ll let you in.

Make this home yours. More info.

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