How many times have we all seen pictures of an Island off the coast of Maine? We’ve all enjoyed these photos, almost hearing the waves break, leaving white foam on the rocks, seaside hammocks and the promise of fresh, salty ocean air.

Pat and Tom have been lucky enough to spend many days here living these experiences. One might think it was an easy answer when we asked what Pat and Tom would call their favorite memories here. 

However; It wasn't that easy an answer when you’ve spent so many happy times with family and friends here. How do you have a favorite place in a home with a view of the Atlantic ocean waiting just outside every window. Tom and Pat did agree that the cozy warmth of the living room was their go to place in this home and a favorite place to sip wine with friends, surrounded by the natural beauty of knotty pine walls.

Tom noted that relaxing on the front porch with the sound of waves splashing on the rocks was another of his favorite hangouts. No pictures or words can bring to life the smells of the ocean, the sounds of the island and the visual beauty of this piece of Earth and It’s too cliche to say this is a must see. 

From the pictures alone, you know what you need to do. Get on a boat, right? Yes!

Get on a boat! If it smells like Maine, looks like Maine and sounds like Maine...

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